Meet the Team


Angelica Rodriguez is a first generation Latina who emigrated to the US with her parents from Mexico as a child. Like many Latinx immigrant youth, she experienced many barriers at an early age. During her high school years through her internships, she learned about deeper social issues that people experience including cultural, linguistic, educational, and economic differences that create gaps for specific groups of people. Later in college and at the start of her Social Work career, she took a deeper interest in issues that minorities have in the U.S. She took several courses in Gender, Latino, and Sociology Studies Language Policies, Social Justice, and Social Work courses which deepened her understanding of social issues of underprivileged communities. Angelica obtained an undergraduate degree in Latin American and Latino Studies from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a graduate degree in Social Work from Governors State University and graduated as a member of Phi Alpha National Social Work Honor Society. 

Angelica’s employment experiences have focused on the Social Services field which includes her work with community based agencies as well as in medical facilities. Angelica’s strongest skills include being bilingual in Spanish and English, and her awareness and sensitivity on multi-cultural/differently-abled individuals. Angelica is humbled by her profession and her professional goals are to gain a vast understanding of methods, tools, and services that can help decrease the effects of racism and all types of oppression of underprivileged groups. She understands that this can be accomplished through social and economic justice, services from agencies, strong advocacy efforts, policy reforms, and education across all spectrums. 

Angelica put her career on hold to form and raise her 2 small children. During this time, she started to assist her husband with 2 small businesses he started. After a hard 2020 and during a global pandemic, Angelica was blessed to have the tools to help her sister María De Los Angeles with starting a business and gain financial stability. Angelica assisted her sister, who is a disabled but very empowered and very wise woman start a business from the ground up. Angelica has grown to deeper understand and appreciate the meaning of economic justice and empowerment for women and specifically Latinas. Angelica hopes to provide not only the best services and products for the companies she represents, but also an example that a small girl that crossed the border can become an empowered Latina to serve her community and be the most productive US citizen that she can be.


Eva Rodriguez was 7 months pregnant with Maria, when she emigrated to the US with her husband and 5 year old daughter Angelica. It was a difficult transition because of the language barrier but she persevered. Years later she enrolled at Instituto del Progreso Latino and took classes in haute couture. Determined to give a better life to her daughters, she worked a full time job and was unable stay enrolled at school. Fast forward many years later, her niece challenged her to re enroll in classes and by chance she had the same teacher. Eva loves to challenge herself with haute couture fashion, creating one of a kind masterpieces. 

Eva Rodriguez has an eye for using fabric in new ways. Whether its all-natural cherry pit heat packs or face masks, Eva utilizes the techniques she has learned in sewing classes at Instituto Del Progreso Latino in Pilsen, which she has been attending since 1988. Eva is married to Gabriel and together they raised two daughters (Angelica & Maria). Eva launched her brand, Creaciones Eva in 2018, making purses, hand bags, doggie bandanas and so much more.